VOYAKILOID (ボヤキロイド) is a FANLOID derivative series.


The concept developed on 2Channel (a Japanese news+imageboard) in November 2007 when an amateur producer bought Hatsune Miku, a VOCALOID2 software developed by Crypton Future Media. Inc.. The DMTer admitted that they bought the software due to Miku being cute, but when it came to producing things with her voicebank only a badly done mechanical grumbling song was achieved. An illustrator on the board, CAFFEIN, took this idea and ran with it to create Yowane Haku, an alter ego of all unskilled users of Hatsune Miku's voicebank.

While the initial idea was to personify an unskilled software user, the idea spun off to represent the poor use of VOCALOID software in general, such as songs that are considered dull, boring, or less-than-desirable. And also poor use of configuring a VOCALOIDs parameters.[1] Over the years, fans added to the family of VOYAKILOIDs by deriving their fanmade character's personality and appearance from none other than Haku herself, although this can vary greatly. The creation of fanmade VOYAKILOIDs has resulted in many songs being produced to be intentionally bad.


They are portrayed as being depressed or grouchy and addicted to something such as alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes--though this varies depending on the character. Their state of depression is the result of failure to complete a task, which is usually producing or singing.


'VOYAKILOID', meaning "Grouching Vocaloid," pertains to characters representing failure of purpose and failure of proper singing. This name was from "boyaku" (ぼやく; to grouch) and "loid."

Yowane Haku is regarded as a VOYAKILOID.


VOYAKILOID are commonly depicted in a theme color of gray and purple, with white hair and red eyes. They are notably pale skinned and have under-eye circles, usually because of stress.



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  • Some fans tend to view 'Voyak' as pertaining to the alcoholic beverage 'Vodka'.


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