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About events:

  • As of 2020 February I have returned from my hiatus, however, my editing is sporadic due to other tasks that grab my attention. So while I am still focused on my primary wiki, The Gaiapedia, I am available for contact via Message Wall and Social media.

Thank you.

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About me:

  • Hello I'm Bunai Di (formerly Bunai82), also known as Bunai on the website Gaia Online™. I have been on Gaia since 2004 and have enjoyed my time there and I continue to be a part of its community. In 2009 I adopted The Gaiapedia and have been working on it ever since.
  • I find wikis to be informative and admire editors and fan dedication to maintaining them.
  • There are still many things that I want to learn when it comes to editing, such as coding and sorting. I am always looking methods to improve my skills as a Contributor.
  • My mule accounts are Bunai and Decembirth and you can also find me regularly on The Gaiapedia or Community Central.

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ChU ✧ ( ´ ▽ ` )b

I am a fan of Vocaloid in general, but quite fond of Sweet Ann, Sonika, and Gumi.

I adopted this wiki in August 2011, see here. It is unknown what the original intent of founder(User:Koolkid495) was, since the "Fanloids" a group (originally called Cooloids) are about characters who are fans of Vocaloid and thus it does not speak of the premise "Fanmade Vocaloid".

Temperament as an Editor

My apologize if I come off as pushy or mean, when it comes to edits and uploads by unregistered or newly register users. The Fanloid Wiki is a new project experience for me, I literally revamped and rebuilt it so it can be of use for trusted contributors and Vocaloid fans, so I can be quick to see who edits what. If you disagree with me, please talk to me so we can come to an understanding. I am mainly strict about users maintaining their images, I like to see credit given, thus all I ask is that your images are properly titled.

It would be appreciative of you to take notice of the messages and General policies of the wiki; the most basic being:

  • Vandalism will be reverted and you will be warned (continuation means a duration block).
  • Spam will be reverted and you maybe be warned.
  • Spam images will be deleted and you will be asked to upload to an actual image host. See the Image policy guideline for the detailed information.
  • Clumsy editing will be reverted and you will be informed to use the Sandbox or see Help:Contents in order to know the basics of wiki editing.
  • We ask visitors "Do Not move fanmades pages without permission or good reason". Please place your fanmade concepts on the Proposed Fanloids. If they are not a near completed character.
  • You will Not be blocked for making simple mistakes or placing unwanted information on the wiki, that is reserved for vandals who intentionally disrupt the wiki.
  • If you have a personal opinion about an official Vocaloid or Fanmade character or Vocaloid software, please don't disrupt articles to post about it, unless a fanmade character is meant to have that opinion. If it is yourself, please use your User page, create a Blog entry, or use the Fanloid wiki Forum to make statements.
  • Do note that as the current Admin of this wiki I can and will enforce the policy on your page and image uploads. Therefore more than one character created by you must be placed in a category titled with your user name. See the Manual of Style and Page Layout for the detailed information. Uploaded images must follow the Image policy- disregarding the image policy leads to file deletion or file renaming.

Contributions to Vocaloid Wiki

I've made 9,171 edits:

Creation of
List pages
Notice templates
Infobox templates
Page layouts, Manual of Style
Proposed Vocaloid pages
General and policies pages
Informative Vocaloid related pages
Established Vocaloid derived character pages
Month pages
General upkeep to the wiki
Sorting articles, images, categories
Overhaul of Fanloid Wiki
Gathering information of Fanmades
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