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Shion Family
General Information



Primarily male, occasionally female


Notable color, design, items etc.

  • 始音 (Shion)
  • KAITO亚种
  • KAITO亜種
  • KAITO的亞種
    (Kaito subspecies)
Technical Information

Varying versions of Kaito

Additional Information

Vocaloid fandom


Piapro, NicoNicoDouga, DeviantART etc.

The Shion Family, also referred to as the Shion Brothers (when not taking into account the genderswaps) are the recolored fanmade derivatives of the male Vocaloid Kaito, who fans have dubbed him with the last name "Shion" meaning "First sound". But take notice this name is unofficial and not acknowledged by Crypton Future Media.


Derivatives of Kaitos are generally recolors of Kaito, though many fans frown upon purely recolored characters, so many of the derivatives have quirks and character items unique to them. To a degree, many of the recolors have different heights, hairstyles, and coat styles when compared to the original Kaito.


  • The first Kaito recolor was Akaito back in 2008.
  • In 2011, the Nico User 桐林 began to make videos depicting some of the more popular fanmade Kaito derivatives and putting them in a family setting.

Shion Family on Fanloid Wiki

This is a list of characters primarily known members of the family among the fandom. Please see Shion page for more listings.



  • Shion Kaiko, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is a genderswap of Kaito.
  • Shion Akaiko, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is a genderswap of Akaito.
  • Shion Kikaiko, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is a genderswap of Kikaito.
  • Shion Taiko, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is a genderswap of Taito.
  • Shion Nigaiko , a Fanmade Vocaloid that is a genderswap of Nigaito





  • Due to the frequency of Kaito derivatives, some parts of the fandom view the Shion family in a negative light.
  • It appears the amount of Kaito derivatives continue to increase as the fandom grows. There are even online clubs dedicated to keeping track and introducing new Kaito based fanmades.
  • It appears that the Western fandom compares the family to Skittles™ or the rainbow spectrum, due to the many color theme of each character.

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