Rin no youchuu (リンの幼虫) is a FANLOID  Super deformed Mascot character. She is acknowledged by Crypton Future Media, Inc., the publisher of the Character Vocal Series for VOCALOID2, for commercial use.


Created December 17, 2009 by Mossan, Rin no Youchuu seems to conceptualized as some sort of pre-evolution or a previous stage of development for Rin.[1][2] Being as original as disturbing, the character become a popular meme in Pixiv, receiving numerous fanarts and parodies.


Due her resemblance and her serious and disturbing expression, it is normally depicted along or associated with Shiteyan'yo (and occasionally with Tako Luka), causing havoc or annoying other Vocaloid characters.


Yōchū (幼虫) translates directly as "Larva".


The character is a heavily deformed Rin head on a pair of skinny legs.

  • Mossan submitted a chart showing the different "evolution's" of Rin no Youchuu. There are 3 stages in the development and growing of the creature.
    • The first stage is the actual Rin no Youchuu.
    • The second stage is the actual Kagamine Rin. The description in the original illustrations says that Rin no Youchuu reach this stage at lv14.
    • The third and final stage is a Kagamine Rin with a growing giant appendage, so big that Rin's trunk is a bit displaced or tilted . This one seems to be horrible, as in the chart appears censored.



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  • Video Games
    • Project Diva - Although Rin no Youchuu wasn't an available character in the PSP's game series, Hatsune Miku ~Project Diva~ she appears in some of the skins and backgrounds available for chose. She eventually was included in ~Project Diva f~ as an accessory.


  • Larval Rin is considered along Calne Ca and Shiteyan'yo into the group of the Nightmare Fuel Vocaloid Mascots. It isn't rare that they are depicted together in videos and fanarts (specially along Shiteyan'yo due the physical resemblance).
  • There exists a "cute" representation of Larval Rin, with a chubby body and big rounded eyes instead the disturbing realistic and serious look.
  • An MMD model of Larval Rin was created by the MMD's modeler Nakao. Also exists a modified Animasa's Model of her "Cute Version".


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