The following contains entries that chronicles propositions in creating a character based from any existing official or fanmade vocaloid characters. Some entries in here may be insufficient in details or not up to par for page creation or posting on a base article for public display. Currently base articles are on delay in favor of individual pages first.

Use the template to propose a character that is in a state of progress. Always place a new entry below an older one. However, if you are proposing more than one character at a different time, then you can place the new with your previous entry for convenience; the number count can then have an additional title.


° Derivatives
° Mascots
° Miscellaneous


|image      = image here.jpg / default is a question mark, default is 100px
|charaname  = proposed characters name / default states, character has not name
|charabio   = proposed characters biographical information 
|usernamec  = creator of character / default states, creator is unknown 
|usernamep  = a User:Username or IP here / no default, should be filled
|request    = State what your request is / default states, no assistance needed
|wip        = State the current progress of the character / default states, status unknown}}

|image      = 
|charaname  = 
|charabio   = 
|usernamec  = 
|usernamep  = 
|request    = 
|wip        = }}

This list tabulates proposed derivatives and mascots. It may contain incomplete information, or has outstanding issues that needs to be fixed.

Proposed Mascot Vocaloid Characters

First entry free to fill out!

Entry #number Or name

The character's name is unknown.


The character's name is unknown. This character currently has no biographical information.

Character created by: Creator is unknown
Character proposed by: [[User:{{{Wikia}}}]]
Requesting assistance: The proposer does not appear to be requesting any assistance.
Progress report:
This characters current progress status is unknown.