The following contains entries that chronicles propositions in creating a character based from any existing official or fanmade vocaloid characters. Some entries in here may be insufficient in details or not up to par for page creation or posting on a base article for public display. Currently base articles are on delay in favor of individual pages first.

Use the template to propose a character that is in a state of progress. Always place a new entry below an older one. However, if you are proposing more than one character at a different time, then you can place the new with your previous entry for convenience; the number count can then have an additional title.


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|image      = image here.jpg / default is a question mark, default is 100px
|charaname  = proposed characters name / default states, character has not name
|charabio   = proposed characters biographical information 
|usernamec  = creator of character / default states, creator is unknown 
|usernamep  = a User:Username or IP here / no default, should be filled
|request    = State what your request is / default states, no assistance needed
|wip        = State the current progress of the character / default states, status unknown}}

|image      = 
|charaname  = 
|charabio   = 
|usernamec  = 
|usernamep  = 
|request    = 
|wip        = }}

This list tabulates proposed derivatives that are mainly inspired by official Vocaloid characters. It may have incomplete information, or has outstanding issues that needs to be fixed. List is arranged alphabetically by company name, but chronologically by Vocaloid release.


Proposed AH-Software Derivatives

Based on SF-A2 miki

Based on Kaai Yuki

Based on Hiyama Kiyoteru

Based on Nekomura Iroha

Based on Yuzuki Yukari

Proposed Crypton Future Media Derivatives

Based on Meiko

Based on Kaito

Based on Hatsune Miku

Based on Kagamine Rin

Based on Kagamine Len

Based on Megurine Luka

Proposed Internet Co Derivatives

Based on Gakupo

Based on Gumi

Based on Lily

Based on Ryuto

Based on CUL


Proposed Bplats Derivatives

Based on VY1

Based on VY2

Proposed i-Style Project

Based on Aoki Lapis

Based on Merli

Proposed VocaNext Derivatives

Based on Ring Suzune

Based on Hibiki Lui

Proposed Yamaha Derivatives

Based on Mew

Based on ZOLA Project

Proposed Shanghai He Nian Derivatives

Based on Luo Tianyi

Based on Vocaloid China


Proposed 1st Place Derivatives

Based on IA

Proposed Exit Tunes Derivatives

Based on Mayu

Proposed Ki/oon Records Derivatives

Based on Utatane Piko‎

Proposed Dear Stage Derivatives

Based on Tone Rion

Proposed SBS Artech Derivatives

Based on SeeU


Proposed Misc. Vocaloids

Based on Akikoloid-chan

Based on Galaco

Based on Ueki-loid


Proposed PowerFX Derivatives

Based on Sweet Ann

Based on Big Al

Based on YOHIOloid

Proposed Zero-G Derivatives

Based on Leon

Based on Lola

Based on Miriam

Based on Prima

Based on Sonika

Based on Tonio

Based on Avanna

Proposed VocaTone Derivatives

Based on Oliver

Proposed Voctro Labs Derivatives

Based on Bruno

Based on Clara