Otone Peke (乙音ペケ) is a Fanloid based off of Hatsune Miku.


Peke's creation was caused by a mistake Rio made in the Vocaloid2 engine in 2008. While they were using it, out of curiosity they set every voice configuration as high/low as it could go, which resulted in the voicebank being completely silent. This inspired Rio to create a sort of "subspecies" of Vocaloid called Otone Peke, motivated by that failure that made voicebanks completely silent.

She was widely recognized as a "Classic Fanloid" for a long time during the VOCALOID2 era, but she slowly began to lose popularity. That is, until a popular Talkloid channel on YouTube, Mellun, created a Talkloid video featuring Peke. As of February 2020, the video has over 200K views. The video was about Len Kagamine, Rin Kagamine, and Piko Utatane attempting to find Peke a voice. This motivated many fans to "give Peke a voice".


Her name, "ペケ" (Peke) comes from the word for the × mark in Japanese that roughly translates to "useless", referring to her lack of a voice.

"ダメだ!こんなものペケだ!" (No! It's useless!)

Her surname "乙音" (Otone) means Sound of Nothing or No Sound. It comes from the phrase "音ねえ" which is a very heavily shortened and informal version of "音が出ない" which means "there is no sound."


乙 is a kanji that doesn't mean anything and isn't used in modern Japanese, therefore her written surname is also a pun that means "Sound of Nothing."

Voice Settings

**This is her official Voice Configuration, confirmed by Benine Rio.**

Any Vocaloid -127 127 -127 -127 0 -127


**This is a FAN-MADE Voice Configuration, it is not in any way official. It was created by Neru Akita.**

CUL 0 75 30 -30 0


According to her official site, Peke is described as a cheerful and optimistic girl. She always carries around a notebook to communicate with others.

Relations [3]


  • Despite being popular, only some people understand the joke about Peke.
  • With some new fans, Peke may be one of the first Fanloids that they hear about because of her newfound regain in popularity in 2019 and notability as a Fanloid since 2008. Due to this, she is often mistaken as a VOCALOID.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Peke does not speak with wind. This is a reference to Mellun's Talkloid video featuring her, where every time Peke would "speak" to Len and Rin, only wind sound effects would be heard (signifying complete silence coming from Peke).
  • Many April Fools jokes included covers of Vocaloid songs with Peke, which are just instrumental versions of the song.
  • Many UTAU voicebanks have been created for Peke in an attempt to give her a singing voice. Most are just sampled from wind sounds, while others are original voicebanks recorded by a user.


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