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Vocaloid Original is a VOCALOID character that is a Fanmade but does not have a declared base of derivation, and is seen as an independent character. Original characters are usually written for storytelling purposes and may or may not interact with other official or Fanmade Vocaloids. Some of them may go on to become UTAUloids. Only a very few amount of OC Vocaloids sing, and majority of them do not sing at all. Many of these are found on popular art sites such as deviantART and PIAPRO.

Main category: Originals


  • English: Vocaloid Original / Original Vocaloid / OC Vocaloid
  • Japanese: オリジナル ボーカロイド ← Original Vocaloid
  • While the character is not directly derived from an existing Vocaloid avatar, their creation may hold some influence of existing avatars.

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