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Neko Cherry (ネコチェリー) is an Insanity-Loid and a fanmade derivative of VOCALOID CUL.


On March 8, 2015, they were introduced to the Fanloid Wiki.


Neko Cherry is a calm person and keeps quiet. They will listen to everyone and what they have to say. Neko cherry is usally seen chewing cherry flavored gum or watching Tv. Some times Cherry will be playing with cats or cat toys, and they get embarrassed when someone catches them playing. Cherry is really nice to people but they don't talk much when you have a conversation with them. They really dislike people hurting animals (especially cats) and they will do anything to help animals out. Sometimes Cherry seems cold hearted but once you get to know them they are extreamly warm hearted.



Their name, Neko Cherry (ネコチェリー), means "cat, cherry."


Neko Cherry has short red hair and yellow eyes. She also wears a black hoodie with cat ears, dark gray jeans, and has a black tail.



Additional info


  • They utilize VOCALOID CUL's voice bank at a higher pitch.
  • Their character item is cherry flavored gum.
  • They're name was given to them because they didn't want anyone to know their real name.

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