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  • i'm thinking of removing the Mary Sue category from all pages that have the category firgure 2 things

    Calling a fanloid a mary sue might offend the creator


    All Annoyloids are mary sues so it would take way too long to add the category to Annoyloid pages

    (Edit: i also wanna remove the whole "Mazenta's Enemies" thing figure most fanloids have nothing do with them.)

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    22:13, November 22, 2017
    • i don't think the Annoyloids are Real Mary Sues when you take a look at it due to being obvious and made intentional  that parodies a Mary Sue more likely to be called a Parody sue. the meaning of a mary sues/Gary stu's are characters  recognized as a perfect character in there media. but the Term Mary Sue have been mistaken by the parody. 

      Real mary sues on the other hand have became less to be seen more likely to be rare since everything that assume to be a mary sue that in reality is purely 100% fake or a parody. due to being the opposite on what a mary sue should be. 

      a mary sue should be attracted and is is viewed as admirable by other sympathetic characters. but a fake mary sue's appearance is more likely a mix of colors and not very attractive when it comes to the design being a mess. the other characters on the other hand is likely shown to be annoyed than  being admireable or attract to the fake. 

      my answer isn't very accurate when the term changes over time as the character type has migrated out of fanfiction and into canon works/Fanfiction.

      "Mazenta's Enemies" on the other hand is a weird and untentional category due to fact the Fanloids (Fanmade Vocaloids) personalities and relation is all up to the fans/Users to decide and not to be targeted by hate and loathing due to your dislikes of that certain character, since this characters can be manipulated by any Users to be as Protagonist,Antagonist,Minors,Extras,Camaos,etc.  to be portrayed on your media. 

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  • Hey! I'm one of the leaders on the community that had the trolls (that were just on our community to troll, but nonetheless causes all this drama because they were "having fun messing with our app" and no one on the app would listen to us when we tried to calm down the situation).

    I just wanted to say that it was childish to be posting on the wikia (I said so myself in a few of my edits, but I cleared them after going to bed to stop the drama on my end), and although I had limited control over the situation I do want to apologize for it becoming an issue. It was really immature, and they should've just stayed on our app instead of moving to another place to wreck havoc for the sake of wrecking havoc. You shouldn't of had to deal with all of their BS, and for that I am sorry on behalf of my community and myself for not being able to do anything much to stop it/not knowing exactly how to fix the wikia.

    With that being said, I am so thankful and grateful to you for being the one to change it back to normal. Even though you had no part in all of this, it makes me really happy that you're such a good soul and were able to restore it. So, I'm mostly here to thank you for doing something you didn't have to do but did out of the kindness of your heart. I really appreciate it personally, and it's nice for kurotane to have his wikia page back :)

    Again, I apologize deeply, and thank you so much for fixing everything. You're a super nice person <3

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    14:46, October 12, 2017
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    • Yeah. At this point the trolls on the page don't seem to have accounts on our app, so I think they were mostly using our app as a platform to get a reaction out of their editing. It just sucks that they did it somewhere we purposefully couldn't manage it, and screwed with a page to be "funny."

      The fandom is pretty toxic, but now that the page is locked i pray for everyone's sake that the trolls are done, and can stop messing with everyone :,) . 

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    • Dont feel like you need to say sorry for what others have done, I personally do get a bit of a laugh from page edits or even some jokes on here, it just gets a little bit draining after a while when so many do the same joke 

      Tbh these days its not easy to find a fandom thats not toxic, I wish you well though. 

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