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This articles current state: I hope my OC doesn't offend anybody. This Vocaloid is the big bad mafia queen, and this can appeal offensive to anyone of Sicilian descendent, I am well aware. Take me, my Grandfather left Sicily due to people like Maria, I almost feel guily making this! On another note, They're singing robots. How offended can you possibly get? Us as Sicilians, or Italians all together, know that we aren't convict scum and I should be able to post freely on this page, who else agrees?


ForeverHetalian16 Maria Bentro
Maria Bentro
Biographical Information

July 18, 2013‎



Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid

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Maria Bentro is a Fanmade Vocaloid.


Maria has messy brown hair and forest green eyes. She wears a low-cut pinstripe top and short pinstripe skirt, and is often seen holding a gun. She wears fishnet leggings and a choker with a diamond-shaped pendant. The look was inspired by this Hetalia OC: Sicily.

Personality and interest

She is a woman of the 'Cosa Nostra', or the mafia. She regularly melts children into acid and kills anti-mafia judges together with their wives and escorts, just like real mafia does. She can be seen as being very Yandere, having a Darker-and-Edgier appeal.


Voice configuration

Her pitch is Soprano, but that's out of her knowledge. She normally sings in low and deeper pitch, and normally they tell stories about the Mafia.

Notable media

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