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"Try me!"
— Lin Meifen

Lin Meifen (林美芬) is a member of the Foreseeing Crow and an original Fanloid character.


On November 25, 2014, she was introduced to the Fanloid Wiki.





Her name, Lin Meifen (林美芬), means "forest, plum fragrance."


Lin Meifen has short purple hair, purple eyes, and purple eyeshadow lipstick. She wears a short purple sleeve cheongsam with a flower pattern, short black gloves, white stockings, and black high heels.



Additional info


  • She is an infamous assassin.
  • Her series number, LM0536, comes from her name's initials, the number of letters in "China", and the number of letters in her last and first name.
  • She used her father's old hunting knife as a weapon in her younger years.
  • She is partially inspired by Dead Master from Black★Rock Shooter, Minene Uryuu from Mirai Nikki, and Akame from Akame ga Kill.
  • Her father was a general in the Chinese military.
  • Her birthday, August 1, 1988, falls on the Chinese observance "Army Day."
  • Her animal of the Chinese Zodiac is the dragon.
  • Her father was a General in the Chinese Military.
  • Her character items are an amethyst rod and a plum.
  • She utilzies VOCALOID YANHE's voicebank at a lower pitch.

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