Kikune - the death fly is  well known as a Hydraloid Maskot from there Band Group Thanathos, she is the Groups main Guitarist.


she appears to be a child but that's her Chibi form, her true Appearance is a 22-year old woman with a red Guitar, the Band Group only contains three members and she is there Guitarist, she is the only one with the Guitar that can switch any type of guitar she use.she has stained Gray along with a little shade of blue. and has scarlet red  eyes and wears cloths that are black. rarely she whore cloths with different colors.


she is rather to be Naughty and Childish but she got skillz for the Guitar and she will be loyal to anyone who is her friend


before she was part of Thanathos she was a normal 20-year old woman that plays folk songs but she fell in a den of Snakes in an Accident and she was Brutally Biten by them and somehow activate the Hydra seed into her somehow mutated cause it was also fuse when a Butterfly was actually affected with the Hydra seed and she Consume the Insect making her different than the other Hydraloids, Kikune is rather to be an interesting character thanks to mutation.

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