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Juon Kiku
Biographical Information

February 15, 2008










Kiku Juon (western order)

Technical Information
Series type

Cursed sound Vocaloid; Yandeloid

Chara item

Nata (a Japanese billhook)


Hatsune Miku

Opt genre

Cursed song

Additional Information

aka Nekonade (Shiro fukurou)




Hatsune Miku (derived)

Juon Kiku is the popular yandere variant of VOCALOID Hatsune Miku.  Her name "Juon" (呪音) is read as "Cursed sound" and "Kiku" (キク) is from "Chrysanthemum".


Kiku wears a white-and-red variant of Miku's gray/black-and-teal outfit, with a short and ruffled neckcloth and a dangling hair ribbon instead of Miku's long tie and trademark pigtails. Initially depicted with loose leg warmers instead of thigh high boots, but is often depicted with the Miku-style boots regardless. Her headphones are deep red color swap of Miku's with red illumination. May sometimes be concealed due to her long hair.


Nekonade intended[1] for Kiku and the rest of the Juon series to be yandere variants of their Crypton originals, so each possesses a morbid character item. Kiku's are two Nata, items notoriously wielded by yanderes Rena Ryuugu and Kotonoha Katsura. Kiku is sometimes depicted as a ghost-like apparition as well.

Typically a yandere will not be violent without any reason, as violence is mainly motivated by conflicts with or over the yandere's love interest. Those who are violent spontaneously and regardless of a person's significance are called yangire. Kiku might still be depicted as violent if something extremely displeases her, whether this be someone's unwanted actions or any unbearably wrongful acts by other people toward herself. For all the violence, in contrast she will be extremely loving and loyal to those that cherish her.[2]


On September 29 of 2007, an upload called "Ievan Polkka (Curse Version)"[3] with chilly wallpaper of Miku was posted on NicoVideo. "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪ (Curse Version)"[4] followed the next day, and these videos set the ground for this morbid variation of Miku. On February 15, 2008, Nekonade (Shirofukurou) conceptualized Kiku as the yandere[5] dark side of Miku from the "Miku curse version" videos.

Source: Vocalchara

She is a Vocaloid with the power to curse, she does this by placing the curse on a song that can be heard. Confutation with her will result in meeting her dual wield blades. She appears to have an issue with the existence of Hatsune Miku.

Voice configuration

There is currently no configuration for this character. Her voice is usually one whole-step higher than Miku's and might include dissonant or unharmonious overlays. The opposite--pitching Miku's voice down one whole-step--has become common as well though. This may be a crossover influence from the standard approach to Taito's voice, though some feel the deeper pitch simply suits Kiku's personality better regardless of her mood.

Notable media

There is currently no media for this character.

Additional info


  • Pairing Kiku with Taito, a popular yandere variant of Kaito, soon became popular across wider fanon and Nekonade has approved of this.
  • Her fellow cursed Vocaloids are Juon Aito, Juon Iko, Juon Utau, and Juon Iu. They're based on other Crypton Vocaloids, but without a Luka variant.
  • Has a problem with the existence of Miku Hatsune, as each of the Juons has a problem with their originals.


MikuMikuDance (MMD), 3D software
MMD models of Kiku are usually created by editing Miku models in PMD/PMX Editor, but occasionally original models are created from scratch.
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  • In contrast to a Yandere, characters that are spontaneously violent regardless of the person's significance are called Yangire.
  • Her mannerism seems to be mirrored by UTAUloid Tei Sukone.


Note; this is not a gallery for every fan art out there, just for reference

Image Juon Kiku byFallens
Original artwork by Fallens 猫撫(白梟)
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by Honeycomb


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