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Image Tonarine Sai byx18x18

Description - Image of Tonarine Sai, an example of a human's Vocaloid avatar.
Source - PIAPRO
Image titled - 隣音サイ (Tonarine Sai)
Author - x18_x18 (吉川)

Human Vocaloid are live singers with VOCALOID inspired avatars. Some of them may attempt to sound like a VOCALOID vocal by using their own voices. They usually sing music that were composed to be sung/or covered by any of the official/fanmade Vocaloids. They are prevalent in Nico Nico Douga but are present as well in YouTube. There have been other terms to describe this type of personification as the title of 'human' with 'vocaloid' is debated. A Human Vocaloid is said to be itself an irony, as a Vocaloid is meant to emulate the dynamics of human singing.

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  • Utaite, sometimes called "Nico Nico singers", pertains to singers that do not use such avatars for this purpose. They are commonly amateur singers who preform solo, collaborate in groups, release covers, or go to become professional entertainers.
  • English: Humanloid / Huloid / Humloid /Humaloid / Autoloid (as in Autotune)
  • Japanese: 人力vocaloid / 人力ボーカロイド

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