Hirasawa Hanabi is a Sekai no Kasumi.


Hanabi has long purple hair, and red eyes. She wears a gray tank top and black capris. Both of those are torn and flared. She also wears black sandals.


Hanabi is always tired and complains, but she can be happy at times.


She mainly hangs out with Voyakiloid.

Voice Configuration

Hanabi has the lowest voice out of the female Sekai no Kasumi, so Kasari has to sing really high so that when Hanabi is pitched down, she still sounds female enough.

Notable Hanabi Songs

Bust Your Windows (DEMO SONG)


Americano (Note: This is NOT "We No Speak Americano". This is an entirely different song by Lady Gaga.)


  • She is a mix of several Naruto characters, including Kin (hair), Hanabi (name and outfit), Hinata (hair color), and Karin (eye color).

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