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The article defines a basic set up of how Fanmade character pages are formatted. Every character and series page must have an Infobox.

Preload templates

Copy then Paste the following onto a blank page and click Publish.

{{subst:Fanloid article/preload}}
{{subst:Fanloid series article/preload}}

Infobox and intro

See Template:Infobox Fanloid and Template:Infobox Fanloid series for more information.

{{Infobox Fanloid
 |image  = [[File:|200px]]
 |color  = 
<!-- Biographical information -->
 |gender = 
 |age    = 
 |height = 
 |weight = 
 |illustrator = 
<!-- Product information -->
 |voice    = 
 |language = 
 |code     = 
 |company     = 
 |distributor = 
 |affiliation = 

'''FANLOID NAME''' is a [[Fanmade Vocaloid|FANLOID]] [[>Character_Type]] character.


'''SERIES NAME''' is a [[Fanmade Vocaloid|FANLOID]] [[>Character_Type]] series.

Article contents

  • History - This is where development goes.
  • Concept - This is where to describe traits, personality, purpose, etc.
    • Etymology - This is where you explain the name.
    • Appearance - This is where you describe the appearance.
    • Relations - This is where you list relationships.
  • Gallery - A gallery can include artwork and videos!
<gallery hideaddbutton">
Image here|Caption here
  • Trivia - This is where for trivial but informative information.
  • References


  • External links
* [Link] Name
  • Categories

See this category for fanloid types.

[[Category:>CREATOR_NAME characters]]
[[Category:>VOCALOID_NAME derivatives]]
[[Category:>VOCALOID_NAME voicebank usage]]

Optional content

  • Below the gallery add Additional info'.
    • This can include Vocal settings, Appearances, and Trivia.
  • Bottom of page Navigation - See {{BasicNavbox}} for how to set one up.
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