Hatsune Piku is a FANLOID Pokaroido (Annoyloid) character.


Hatsune Piku is an all mighty goddess. Even though she is a goddes, she is also a satanic being. There is a religion surrounding her started by an Amino user named Mae called Pikuism. In order to join the religion a human sacrifice must be made in order to please the almighty Piku-chan. She is really edgy and deformed and her family disowned her so she started a career with her other abomination friends to create the Pokaroidos. She is constantly screaming for help in her mind.



Hatsune means first sound, pi as in pee and ku as in section.


She has highlighter colored hair and a tumor on her leg. She has bright eye bleeding purple skin and a lime green, cyan and blue uniform. Her eyes are red and her pupils are yellow.


Her boyfriend is Pepsi Man and her best friend is Pen.

Additional info


  • she is dead inside
  • help me
  • help help help help help
  • Bowel movement
  • She is purupuru desu
  • Spray bottle
  • Her favorite Pokemon is Weedle
  • She cronch
  • She big cronch
  • She snorts sprinkles
  • She is a minimum wage Subway employee



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