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General Information

Consist of males and females


Heavy metal


Hagane Vocaloid

Technical Information


Optimum genre

Heavy metal, death metal, Nu-metal etc

Additional Information

Shinichi Tahara of typeH Vocaloid


Vocaloid fandom


Primarily derived from Official Vocaloids

A Haganeloid is a fanmade Vocaloid inspired by the Hagane Vocaloid series, which is the propriety of Japanese artist Hansi with later contributions by Momopanda. Haganeloid is a fan term mainly proposed by Western fans of Hagane types. Note that the term is unofficial and is not seen with the Japanese fandom.

A Haganeloid may also be referred to as an H-Type, though unofficially, and the characters have image and songs that are based around the heavy metal genre of music, particularly death metal and Nu-metal. An addition to this is the characters being demonic or negative in personality and actions.


Haganeloids are commonly depicted in heavy metal themed clothing, such as black leather, fishnet fabrics, and being covered in metal jewelery and accessories.


The popularity of the typeH Vocaloids grew after Hagane Miku become more recognized as an independent character. The Western fandom took it upon themselves to continue creating variants of official Vocaloids by creating a 'dark' or 'heavy metal' version of a character.

Haganeloids on Fanloid Wiki

Haganeloid that are H-Type

  • Hagane CUL, a female Haganeloid without a defined personality based off CUL
  • Hagane Henkou, a Male Haganeloid, unofficial Brother of Hagane Miku
  • Hagane Mikuo, a male Haganeloid,The Genderswap of Hagane Miku and Metal Themed derivative of Mikuo Hatsune.
  • Hagane Neru, a female Haganeloid,a subderivative to Hagane Miku and a shadow of the Queen of Steel


  • Haganeloid is not acknowledged by Hansi.
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