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"We all experience quite a bit of misfortune in our lives, but we have to learn to live with it."
— Guo Ruolan to Lin Meifen

Guo Ruolan (郭若兰) is a member of Darkness Prevails and former member of the Foreseeing Crow and an original Fanloid character.


On December 4, 2014, she was introduced to the Fanloid Wiki.



Guo Ruolan has a very sadistic personality and isn't very merciful at all and takes great joy in taking things away from others. She is characterized as being hateful, clever, and evil. Ruolan hides her true personality around others, making them think of her as a kind and warm-hearted human being.



Her name, Guo Ruolan (郭若兰), means "boundary, like an orchid."


Guo Ruolan has long, curly black hair, gray eyes, black eyeshadow, and dark red lipstick. She wears a short black dress, white tights, short black boots, a white scarf, and black choker.



Additional info


  • Her series number, KR0546*, comes from her name's initials, the number of letters in "China", and the number of letters in her last and first name. The asterisk at the end is a sign for her assasin group "Darkness Prevails."
  • She is partially based off of Mother Gothel from Tangled and Esdeath from Akame ga Kill.
  • Her birthday, January 30, 1982, falls on the Chinese observance "Spring Festival Eve."
  • Her animal of the Chinese Zodiac is the tiger.
  • Her original age was 39 years-old.
  • Her character items are a black orchid, ninja stars, a katana, and nunchucks.

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