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Image VocaloidGenderswaps byKa10100

Description - Image of Kaiko, Meito, Megurine Luki, Kagamine Lenka, Kagamine Rinto, Hatsune Mikuo. An example of Vocaloid Genderswaps.
Source - PIAPRO
Image titled - ☆性★転☆換★ (Gen☆de★r☆change★)
Author - ka10100 (ヨウ)

Vocaloid Genderswap is a VOCALOID character whose gender appearance has been switched. This is very common among the fandom and usually Genderswap Vocaloids will be linked to songs that are pitch-changed to create a masculine or feminine vocal. It is rare that there are songs made with a different voice configuration. However, among the Japanese fandom, voice configuration is often the way Genderswap Vocaloids are created. There are tutorials by Vocaloid users who give tips on how to create altered vocals for a song by correctly using the program's configurations.

If a character is genderswapped often enough, the genderswapped version may be given its own name. For male-to-female genderswaps, this is often the normal character's name with "ko" appended to it. (子 "Ko" meaning "child" is a common ending for Japanese girls' names.) For female-to-male genderswaps, "o" is sometimes added.[1] A similar naming process happens within the Western fandom, such as changing a masculine name ending in "e" or "o" and making an addition of the letters "a" or "l" and so on. Another method is using existing masculine, feminine, and unisex names.

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  • English: Genderswap / Genderbent / Genderbender / Genderchange / Genderswitch
  • Japanese: 性転換 (せいてんかん) ← Genderchange / 女体化 m-to-f / 男体化 f-to-m.
  • The term "Pitchloid" is usually used to describe genderswapped character vocals, as many are created by simply higher or lowering the pitch of an existing song with no technical effort involved.


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