!  This page is about the policies of the Fanloid Wiki.

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The article is a guideline about uploading images to the Fanloid Wiki.


  • Related media is the preference. Personal images are to be linked from an actual image hosting service.
  • Licensing is required for all images. Refer to the drop menu or Category:Images.
  • Images should receive descriptive names.
  • Avoid uploading duplicate images, unless the upload is of better quality than the current image.
  • Use the Summary box to link the original source of the image. Example: "Hachune Miku".

What to know

Image naming and categorizing

  • How to title your character images and other uploads relating to you.
    • File:Your name_Character name
    • Categorize [[Category:Images of Fanmade Vocaloids]] or [[Category:Characters by Your name]]

  • How to title character images that are not yours.
    • File:Image Character name_by Artist name
    • Categorize [[Category:Images of Fanmade Vocaloids (fairuse)]]

  • How to title miscellaneous images that are not yours; or are yours.
    • File:Image_Subject
    • Categorize [[Category:Images of Various Subjects]]

  • How to title images that are not article related.
    • File:Image_ / File:Ui_ / File:User_image_Subject.
    • Use template {{USER image}}.

About ownership and copyrighted images

  • This wiki is encouraging you to upload your own original artwork~!
  • Commissioned works are fine but it has to be credited.
  • Doll bases are fine but they too have to be credited.
  • Respect the artist's work and do not re-upload their works if they clearly say so.
  • Respect a modeler's work and do not edit the model unless permission was given.
  • Alterations and recolors of someone else's work is discouraged and will likely lead to deletion of the image.
  • The only alterations and recolors accepted are official boxart illustrations of official VOCALOIDs.
  • This is not the UTAU wiki or any other synthesizer program for that matter. Do not upload images of someones synthesizer character unless they relate to your Fanloid in some way.

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