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  • Original(s), is a list of Fanloids that are completely original (not based on an existing character).
  • Derivative(s), is a list of derived Fanloids based on existing characters.
  • Subderivative(s), is a list of derived Fanloids based on existing derived characters.
  • Genderswap(s), is a list of derived Fanloids whose gender is the opposite of the original set gender.
  • Mascot(s), is a list of characters that are exaggerations or parody representations of existing Vocaloids or Fanloids.
  • Alternative(s), is a list of derived or concept Fanloids that don't necessarily fit to other available categories.
  • Humanloid(s), is a list of personal avatars that are inspired by the Vocaloid franchise.


  • SF-A2 Meki.PNG
    Series type, is a list of specific type of Fanloids
  • Voiced, is a list of Fanloids who have borrowed voice banks by use of the VOCALOID software.
    • The category "Voiceless" is for characters that have no voice.
    • If Users want their character to have an original voice bank, they will have to go to the UTAU wiki. However, Voiced by Human is acceptable.

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