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This is a term used specifically on the Fanloid Wiki, it has not been used or mentioned within the Vocaloid fandom and thus should not be viewed as widely known or accepted. The concept of an Alternative Fanloid is an attempt to categorize a character that can not fit in the current categories provided. Alternative Fanloids are characters that can be viewed as being derived from an existing character, yet also having traits of another character be they derived, inspired or influenced from another source.

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Image Kasane Keko byCircusP

Description - Image of Kasane Keko. An example of Alternative loid.
Source - deviantART
Image titled - Keko Official Art, Revised
Author - DaDoofus (Circus P)

Kasane Keko bares the blatant resemblance to the UTAU Kasane Teto but Keko is not strictly an UTAU, another notable mention is that to produce her voice Kagamine Len's voice bank must be used. In short, Keko's origins are Vocaloid and UTAU based, making this a form of fusion or chimerism.

This was inspired by the existence of Kasane Teto.

  • Teto is not derived nor directly based on Hatsune Miku.
  • However, her design and name arrangement is meant to resemble Crypton V2s.
  • The artist of Crypton's V2s is KEI Garou, whose illustrations continue to influence many in the fandom.


Image FanonLola byTsutomu teruko

Description - Image of Fanon!Lola. An example of personification concept.
Source - deviantART
Image titled - VOCALOID The Usual Suspects
Author - tsutomu teruko (aka Therubozu)

For this example the official Vocaloid Lola is used, Lola has no mascot design. However, over the years fans of Vocaloid have taken a look back and at English Vocaloids who did not have avatars or at least avatars that did not appeal to the V2 era fans. This resulted in various concepts to personify an avatar based purely on voice bank and software box. And given the creative freedom, Vocaloid's such as Lola, Leon, VY1 and VY2 have gotten a number of original concepts. Some even becoming popular enough that they are redrawn by different artists.

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