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Akiyama Kero (秋山ケロ) is a FANLOID Zetsune Project character.


Kero is a 16-17 year old, homosexual, vampire who has a human disguise. His voice is a highpitched version of Hiyama Kiyoteru. His first name was Kyuket Suki, which literally means "Vampire" in Japanese. His old design looked Cryptonloid-ish, with detached sleeves, a black bandana with a green stripe in the middle, two belts on each side of himself, and glow squares on his knees and shoes. In July, Kero was given an UTAU voicebank, voiced by the same provider of Hito Zenne, but, the voice didn't fit him as much as his Fanloid voice did. So, he was reverted back into a fanloid a few days later. The voicebank was reused as Hito's Act 1. Kero wasn't always in the Zetsune Project. He started out as a voiceless fanloid made in Gachaverse. (I no longer use that, though).



Akiyama Kero has green messy hair with a black undershirt with an over coat. He has dark green pants with red and black boots. His undershirt has been made to resemble a heart monitor, above a heart. His coat is green on the inside and has two green stripes on the bottom. His headset is red and black, with red on on each sides of the side of it. The mic is on his left side on his head.


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Zetsune Project VOCAMIX

In the cannon VOCAMIX, Kero is a fledgling who got bit by an unknown suspect. He can turn into a vampire when somebody tries to take Oto away from him. In the cannon VOCAMIX, He constantly hangs out with Emoto and Devil, which causes his personality of being annoying most of the time. In the cannon VOCAMIX, A Kero dakimakura exists in the Zetsune Project Universe, Which is owned by Oto. Kero and Hito hate eachother due to each other thinking they stole each others fame. He was officially bitten by the future UTAU Subaru, who is owned by AnyaZP.


Voice Configuration

Configuration: Hiyama Kiyoteru

There is nothing to explain.
There is nothing worth noting.



Additional info


  • Zetsune Oto and Kero share a character item, Tomato juice.
  • Kero’s very first name was Kyuket Suki.
  • Akiyama Kero's items are an umbrella and tomato juice.
  • His code, the two dots, are placed on his neck, representing vampire bites.
  • He, and Oto are both part of Vampiloid.
  • Kero is technically a fledgling, Unlike Oto.
  • His optional code, 死, Means death.
  • Kero and Ruby are both part of the fanloid duo.
  • Kero started falling for Oto on December 27, 2019.
  • So far, Kero has the most MMD models and edits out of the Zetsune Project.
  • His optional code is used when his original code placement is covered up.
  • Kero's Kyuket design has been reused for his Japanese outfit.
  • He was originally meant to be named “Kuro”, but Google Translate changed it to Kero.
  • Kero sometimes questions who his biter is.
  • He’s starting to tolerate Hito.
  • Kero gained a casual model on October 14th.
  • Conflict and Casual aren't included in the pack due to Hito-P forgetting to move the two folders.
  • Kero’s name doesn’t have any affiliation to his design and personality.
  • He absolutely loves ice cream, but it's not his item.
  • Kero originally had Hito's ACT1 bank, it was given to Hito about a few days later.


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"I'm allowing you all to download his models. Please respect the rules, just like Hito's model." -Hito-P.

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