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Akita Neru (derived)

Akita Yaru is a brown-themed derivative of the officially known derivative. Akita (亞北) is taken from "飽きた" or "get bored" and Yaru is taken from "遣る" or "to do something rudely".


Dispite her strong confident exterior, and her intelligence when it comes to science, reading, and social studies stuff, she very much hates math, and will get nervous around other vocaloid boys. (Not including her Brother, Nero. *See Nero Akita for details.*) She especially has crushes on Len Kagamine and Kaito Shion, who both, unfortunetly for her, are official VOCALOIDs, and Neru already likes Len, and out of respect, Yaru stays out of her way. But that means she just gets more giddy when Kaito is around. She knows how weird and crazy Kaito can be, as thought by many VOCALOID lovers, who apparently don't consider that he may act differently, but she doesn't seem to mind. She'd rather he not be boring and emotionless. She gets skittish and will stammer often, if she can't put on that hard shell of stubborness on quickly enough. She hates when people order her around, but is an awful leader, so she ends up being one of the followers.

She is very creative, ranging at the top of her game in art and writing, and often drifts off into day-dreams during lessons, but because she acts like a good student, she is disliked by popular classmates, (such as people like Miku, being the star of the show, but Yaru still loves her music, and will compliment her every once in a while, so they get along enough to not make a scene.) and dislikes them back for not recognizing authority enough to not act like a ne'er-do-well. She does however get crushes on good-looking boys who don't take crap from other people, and don't like authority.

She wants to become an offical vocaloid, just to be able to sing alongside her sister, but realizing even her sister, who is very popular, isn't official, made her decide to wait.

But if she achieves that dream, her first real song will be Bacterial Contamination, her deep, creepy singing voice being perfect for the job, the song being her favorite, and being able to relate to the feeling the lyrics present.

Has no known history. She keeps to herself most of the time, and you never want her to open up to you, because you will be sitting there listening to her life story for a while, since she always has to make her life sound like one of William Shakespeares famous tradegies.


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Has a voice one or two steps lower than her sister, Neru Akita.

Notable songs

"Stop Nagging Me"

"Love Is War"


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