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Akita Narumi (秋田鳴海) is a Mash-Up-Loid and a fanmade derivative of FANLOID Akita Neru.


On May 18, 2012, she was introduced to the Fanloid Wiki.



Her name, Akita Narumi (秋田鳴海), means "get bored, the roaring of the sea." It thus means "get bored at the roaring of the sea."


Akita Nicole's design is similar to that of Akita Neru, albeit with a few changes. Her skin is a bright green like many of her Loid type, and her hair is a dark green in the same style as Neru's held in a side-ponytail by a futuristic ribbon the same pink as her eyes. Her outfit is in the same style as her sister's but again recoloured, her vest now bright blue with green lining and her tie the same green as her skin with pink and black clips on the side. She wears a dark blue skirt also with green lining, and her skirt accessory is patterned with pink and light blue diamonds. Nicole's boots and armbands are also now pink with green attachments.



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  • She was originally known under the name, "Akita Nicole."

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