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This wikia is dedicated to the fandom of original characters and derivatives. Please help us expand our knowledge on FANLOID and share that information with other VOCALOID fans. Everyone is welcomed to edit freely; all we ask is that you refrain from non-productive edits and acts of vandalism, and that you be nice to other editors so this Wikia can maintain a safe, friendly working environment for all.

Also do take care with the information here because some may not be researched or is currently in the process of being gathered. Every article is subject to change without notice.View about wiki

What is a FANLOID?

FANLOID (commonly abbreviated from Fanmade Vocaloid) are VOCALOID inspired characters, created by the Vocaloid fandom. This wiki will attempt to build a community for people who like to create fanmades and also attempt to expand from VOCALOID Wiki, since that wiki has become more focused on official information.View this template

Official FANLOID derivatives!

These characters are recognized and acknowledged by an official company.

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The Fanloid Wiki is always in need of help. If you know a good deal about VOCALOID and FANLOID or just keep up to date with current events then see how you can help at the new Community Portal.

2018 February 25

-- Bunai82 (talk) is doing a complete overhaul of the Fanloid wiki.

  • The focus will be simplifying the wiki policies so they will no longer be as lengthy.
  • The "List of:" pages will be shrunken down to just names.
  • Portable infoboxes have been created. They are much simpler to work with.
  • Page layout is still up to the creator, however, there are {{PreloadPage}} pages for those who want to use them.

Things to know

  • I have been busy maintaining the Vocaloid wiki and my primary wiki so my maintenance here has slowed down, apologies.
  • Those who want to contributor must create a Wikia account and sign into the wiki.

Thank you for your visit.

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